Wellington Central Police Cells New Artist Addition

Wellington Central Police Cells New Artist Addition

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We’re super happy with the outcome of all artists involved!

Rimutaka Prison Inmate, Whanau Embrace, 2019

At the Wellington District Police HQ, Police have lined up art work along Cell Hallways to make a more calm & peaceful atmosphere to inmates coming in, and, out.

Over 60 submissions from artists including year seven students and, prisoners at Rimutaka Prison.

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Various art showcase.

Melanie Corby come first place & has been a teacher for over 20+ years. She was the winner of the event & has the largest showcase as inmates come into the parking / loading bay for the Wellington District Police HQ.

Melanie Corby was super excited when she was awarded, it goes to show that a event like this can bring many artists from all areas can come together into one group & showcase their work to the media / world.

“I just hope when people walk through they’re inspired that there is hope and the world is full of colour and brightness and they can grasp a little straw of that and know they’re here for a reason and a purpose,” she said. -NewsHub

We’ve provided video footage at the event:

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