Wellington protestors express mixed feelings towards the Government

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Protestors were in Wellington on Saturday afternoon to express their thoughts and emotions towards the honesty of Government during past and present COVID-19 lockdowns in New Zealand.

There were 90-100 people at the start of the event before journalist Sam Hudson arrived according to organisers.

You can watch the live stream of the event by clicking here.


Source: Protestors holding Advance NZ signs

AdvanceNZ or NZPP (New Zealand Peoples Party) had many supporters at the protest, as it is part of the policy giving New Zealanders freedom of choice and rights a guarantee.

Most of the protestors attending didn’t wear masks, and masks are not compulsory in New Zealand except for public transport.

Social distancing was encouraged to keep everyone safe.

Source: NZ Economy

Many of the protestors are called conspiracy theorists by the mainstream media mainly because it gets a kick of clicks and brings in the cash.

The sign to the left says the immune system is a conspiracy for doing it’s job, naturally recovering for viruses or diseases. With 22 deaths in New Zealand, compared to America could see botched numbers meaning the Government could be truthful rather than creating lies to the public on that factor. 

The immune system is designed to fight off infectious diseases, although in older aged groups of people, the immune system may not be as strong as a younger or healthier person.

The sign to the right claims 99% of patients ‘will recover’ and 1 in 5 businesses in New Zealand will not survive the lockdowns if they continue to happen until Coronavirus disappears. This is unproven but informative to the eye of the Government; according to the protest group attending.

Protestors are fed up with the Government censoring them for posting to social media groups or their own personal pages regardless of the privacy setting. 

They are aware that there is a game being played. By not complying to testing or vaccination, it is believed to be a choice and not an enforceable right to any New Zealanders human rights.


According to many, it is a ‘waste of time’ rescheduling because money’ for political groups to follow suit and attempt to change the space of New Zealand’s democracy is at risk of being taken advantage of. 

The COVID-19 Public Health Response Act technically removes human rights for privacy and health purposes. 

Behind the scenes, the Government was passing laws without people knowing from the Health Act 1956 to make Coronavirus (COVID-19) as a “quarantinable disease,” giving medical officers of health (those of public health officials appointed by the director-general of health, Dr. Ashley Bloomfield) higher powers, backed by the New Zealand Police for the use of reasonable measures, to impose conditions of isolation, quarantine or disinfection.

Linda Dalgleish wished to participate in having her say at the Inquiry into the operation of the COVID-19 Public Health Response Act 2020 parliament committee.

This means that a medical officer if authorised to do so by the Minister or if a state of emergency has been declared under the Civil Defence Emergency Management Act 2002 or while an epidemic notice is in force,— can enforce these powers that include “requiring a person to be isolated, quarantined, or disinfected.”

This states that anyone is returning from overseas flights or close contacts of those who test positive for the Coronavirus, who will not attend voluntarily self-isolate for 14 days, can be forced to do so. And medical officers of health also can order any premises to shut down immediately if they find anything they disapprove of in regards to the Health Act 1956.


Trevor Mallard didn’t like when a protestor at another protest earlier this year put a sign into the grounds of Parliament that read “REPEAL COVID-19 Public Health Response ACT.”

Mallard walked right past the group without comment and ripped the sign out of the ground, furthermore attempting to remove a Maori flag attached to a fence before going back into the beehive buildings. 

However, Parliament rules and regulations state that no structure, such as a tent may be erected. Only handheld signs are permitted, and participants must not mount to the main steps nor interfere with the use of Parliament buildings.

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