What UCOL is doing to help students create face coverings

What UCOL is doing to help students create face coverings

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UCOL (Universal College of Learning) in Whanganui’s fashion studio over the last two weeks has been creating face coverings to help students while using public transport.

Stephanie West, who is UCOL’s Design & Arts Programme Leader and Fashion & Textile Senior Lecturer, worked with two classes for staff wanting to make their fabric face coverings.

“When we went into Level 2, I was thinking about how I can help people, so I approached UCOL Whanganui Campus Manager Bronwyn Paul about running some face-covering-making classes. It turns out she was just about to ask me if I could do it,” says West.

“We had a really good response from staff, with some of them donating fabric. Luckily we had some donated elastic and plenty of fabric to recycle.”

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The classes were ‘such a hit’ with staff.

Elise Goodge who is the Student Life Coordinator come up with the idea to West about making face coverings for all students who take buses between UCOL’s Whanganui and Manawatū Campuses.

Since 31 August, face coverings were made mandatory on all public transport for anyone 12 years and over during Level 2 restrictions.

The response from West was ‘happy to oblige’ — the face coverings have been trendy and ‘popular’ on the Campuses of Whanganui and Manawatū. They’re easy to re-use and wash.

West’s Students in her fashion class have been busy working at making face coverings for themselves and their families too.

“People are asking if we can do another workshop, so I think I may have a new job as a mask-maker!” jokes West.

Meanwhile, at the UCOL Manawatū Campus, the Student Success team run a day-long class where they made over 90 face coverings for students who took local buses every day.

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Write up courtesy: Scoop.co.nz

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