DECISION: When a COVID-19 Vaccine is available, will you get It?

DECISION: When a COVID-19 Vaccine is available, will you get It?

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The Covid-19 pandemic has infected well over 14.6M people around the world and killed 608K as of writing this article. New Zealand may appear to be decisively heading in the right direction, but this isn’t the case globally, and, as the pandemic worsens, the death toll rises, the economy falls even more.

New Zealand has had 1,554 Confirmed cases, 506 recoveries, and 22 deaths.

Acceptance of a new vaccine in this current day and age would depend on how dangerous the virus is perceived to be, as well as the vaccine itself. Covid-19 is more likely to cause severe illness in the elderly, those with respiratory or heart conditions, and the immunocompromised.

Most people believe that the COVID-19 virus is either a hoax or a plan for the Agenda 21 great reset, resulting in fear and less fact that has spread around social media. Some of which have said that the vaccines currently being developed are more than a vaccine but a tracking device funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

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The media play the most significant role in scaremongering throughout this pandemic that’s happening worldwide.

In the aftermath of events like COVID-19 that shock the system, it is natural to seek answers as that is the brain’s coping mechanism for making meaning and sense of things. It is how humans, as a species, have developed over millennia to explain anything beyond understanding. When emotions run high, that misinformation thrives.

thisquality understands that this poll below is for purposes to get a true independent understanding of the people’s thoughts about a COVID-19 Vaccine.

When a COVID-19 Vaccine is Available, Will You Get It?

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