#WheresKelvin trends on NZ Twitter over rogue Waikeria Prison riots

#WheresKelvin trends on NZ Twitter over rogue Waikeria Prison riots

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Over the past six days, Corrections Minister Kelvin Davis has not mentioned a dime on what is happening in NZ’s back yard.

There’s been no plan or comments from Mr Davis; however, he said he would be making a comment after the riots end and once it is ‘sorted’.

The rouge riots stand 16 inmates who protest over poor management conditions and treatment at the prison, including no supply of clean bedding and clothing. 

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A fire was spotted inside the main watchtower at the prison on Saturday causing concern of what really is going on behind bars.

An unannounced inspection of the facility took place during August of 2020. The prison is reportedly in bad condition according to the Ombudsman from a published report.

The report reads prisoners were double-bunked in cells that can hold only one inmate. A lacking of natural light and inadequate ventilation systems were added.  The unit was no longer fit for its purpose of housing inmates.

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Accounts tweeted ‘#WheresKelvin’ on Twitter over the radio silence that the minister has unfortunately given to New Zealand citizens over the rogue Waikeria Prison riots.

One tweet suggests someone offers a reward of some-kind if they can find Kelvin.


A proposed facility is scheduled to open in 2022 next to the old buildings that are not fit for purpose, at Waikeria Prison.

The cost to build the new facility is around $750m.

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Meanwhile, the NZ Herald reported Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern owning a ‘quick shift’ behind the counter at All Things Organic during a holiday visit in Tairua with her intended Clarke Gayford and daughter Neve.

No comments have been made by the PM regarding the rouge Waikeria Prison riots for the last six days since this publication.

The trio seems to be ignoring the rouge riots.


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