White Island shows signs of short-lived bursts in Volcanic activity

White Island shows signs of short-lived bursts in Volcanic activity

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White Island, as of recent, is showing signs of short-lived bursts of volcanic activity.

According to GeoNet, low-energy tremors and acoustic signals were recorded on April 29 at around 10.30pm following small volcanic earthquakes that had resulted in volcanic tremor.

Recorded acoustic signals were recorded and lasted for several hours. As a result of the seismic activity, there was no material that had ejected after observation on a flight that occurred on April 30.


“This episode is likely caused by a series of low-energy subterranean explosions. Similar periods of activity were observed in mid-February and early-mid March, returning to typical low levels shortly afterwards,” Duty Volcanologist Brad Scott said.

“Gas and observation flights have confirmed the amount of gas been released from the volcano is unchanged since March. The volcano continues to produce a moderate gas and steam plume, and this will cause weak acid rain downwind.”

Infrared measurements acknowledged that temperatures inside active vents were not changing significantly.

Currently, the volcano is at an Alert Level 1 and will remain as an Aviation Colour Code of Green.

Source: CC/ Gettyimages

On Monday December 9 2019 at 2:11pm the volcano erupted.

Visitors and guides touring on the island at the time of eruption were killed with many others becoming tragically injured.

The eruption removed its crater lake, forming a new vent; creating landslides going into the active crater area.

Image: SUPPLIED/Gettyimages

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