Why did Michael Kay and Mike ILES leave the Outdoors Party?

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Michael Kay briefly explains why he and Mike ILES left the NZ Outdoors Party to create a brand new party called Attica Project. They chose not to continue with the Outdoors Party because the policy was very important at the time to represent what candidates were standing for in each electorate for New Zealand as a whole.

“That is very much what I agreed and signed up to do for the Outdoors Party, and I’m fortunately with no animosity, I wasn’t able to complete that role to the best of what I wanted to do so it seems really crazy, and it will seem crazy to a lot of voters out there for someone to leave a registered party and go out independent. It is because basically I care so much about being the independent representative person for the Otaki Electorate that I actually represent this electorate, and I represent it with a great passion, as does Mike ILES, who is standing for the Mana Electorate,” said Michael Kay.

He says that the most important part for both Mike ILES and himself is that they will be the ‘best tick when you go to the election booth’ – furthermore speaking about the drama with NZPP (New Zealand Public Party)


“An unregistered party joining with another unregistered party and creating an unregistered umbrella party, and it’s still unregistered. These are still independents just like us, and I ask voters whatever the party you’ve got to be looking at the policy because that is what you are getting for your vote.”

Attica Project has been working together as a team tirelessly every day and night to up their game on live streaming content to their candidate pages and platforms on social media. The plan to release policy over live streams has yet been a unique way of interacting with their audience and supporters or skeptics to allow them to make decisions on changes to a policy. thisquality has also been working with Attica Project to change the game on policy releases unlike no other has done before, click here to check out an example.

“Over the next couple of weeks we are going to be doing live streams, we are going to have it up on thisquality, our policies in a agree or disagree function. It’s really cool if you take part in that and it’s really important to us that if you do disagree please disagree and even get in touch with us and say why you disagree because that really helps us. So, over the next couple of weeks, the rest of the policies will be made live; bear in mind that we’ve spent nine months doing policies.”

Michael explains that Attica Project isn’t just about himself or Mike ILES, there is a larger group that are working together behind the scenes to progress with releasing policy and creating the next game-changing political party for New Zealand.

“I started with the New Zealand Outdoors Party as I really just wanted to contribute to policy and as people that do this, it is an unpaid thing, and it’s a service that you do when you become part of a political party, and that’s why we chose to call Attica a Project because a policy is a very important part of this process.”

“The other side to that is what is Attica, is the birthplace of democracy, and the idea of that democracy is that each person is a representative of that part or district or region it has become very clear just in the last few weeks that we are sort of yet again another government that is about to go to recess. We really only know four or five people, and we only are getting to know other people within that government now or even in the opposition as they are getting into trouble for things that they have done in their personal life.”

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