Why local Butchers should be allowed to open amid lockdown restrictions

Why local Butchers should be allowed to open amid lockdown restrictions


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Yes, all moderate towns have supermarkets; if not, all smaller cities might not even have one, this is the lowest of cities that have very few shops in regards to essential needs, the vital stores would be a corner Dairy or Four Square.

People that live in Shannon have to travel a distance to get to Foxton or Levin, for example, to arrive at a Supermarket. Shannon may not have a Butcher or a Supermarket but put it as a perspective for many, traveling and moving out of town can potentially spread the Coronavirus to other communities.

Supermarkets with all the “panic buying” craze creates a problem for many having to go to other supermarkets for certain foodstuff creating more travel and moving around; though meat is always supplied alongside other products at select supermarkets; there can be a shortage on many of the products by the time buyers can get a chance to go shopping after essential-work.

New Zealand is facing an animal welfare crisis with more than 5,000 farmed pigs unable to be sent to slaughterhouse every week during the Coronavirus lockdown. Independent butchers were left off the Government’s list of essential businesses allowed to open during the lockdown and were forced to close a week ago. 

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The Mad Butcher, a large butchery business in the New Zealand industry, had been forced to shut down after confusion with the list of the essential services; they had thought they were necessary and fit for purpose to sell fresh meats over the Coronavirus lockdown. 

About $3,000,000 in revenue has been a significant loss, with no place to sell the stock. It’s a waste left to rot; there would have been no restrictions on butchers regarding lockdown regulations before the lockdown. 

Until the Government announced on the 26th of March after the lockdown that all butchers had to close down due to health risks was a complete disaster. The Ministry of Business, Innovation, and Employment (MBIE) failed to give The Mad Butcher any clarification or answer until the Government announced the closures.

MBIE said to The Mad Butcher that they decided to check if they’re fit to run during the lockdown, the guidelines showed that they had met the criteria to keep open.

The Mad Butcher is a massive retailer that fits the purpose of supplying the country also; alongside Supermarkets. Butcheries were excluded from the list of essential businesses list on Wednesday afternoon, along with bakeries and other similar small retailers.

They had bought up more stock than usual to help with the supply & demand of the panic buying before lockdown had happened, but as they were told to close, they had lost that profit & lost the sales. The meat would not be able to be sold or distributed to other Supermarkets as they have their supply and contracts.

Staff safety, customer safety, screen guards made that they were all ready to be installed, they also had marks on the floor telling everyone to stay 2 meters apart, hand sanitizer, masks, gloves.

Supermarkets had to produce another 48% more meat than what they currently sell to be able to beef the demand.

NZ has got New Zealand-owned small businesses that will struggle over this even though Australian companies are going to profit massively.

The same situation as The Mad Butcher; Otaki Meats, a local butcher is based on the Kapiti Coast had announced on a 

Facebook post

 On March 24th, 2020 that they’d remain open during the lockdown. 

“Otaki Meats will remain operating during the COVID-19 LEVEL 3-4 ALERT.”

“However we have to change the way we operate during this time to comply with regulations and to protect the safety and well being of our staff, customers, and suppliers as best we can during this trying time.”

On the 26th of March 2020 under sad circumstances, Shane was gutted to announce the news to the township on 

a Facebook post

“Kia Ora Everyone, Shane here. Ss of 4.15 pm yesterday, the NZ government has announced that butcher shops are a nonessential business. So, therefore, we have to close our doors, which means no retail service.”

“Thanks for your local support.”

Members of the Sunny Otaki Facebook group were enraged in regards to local veggie markets being allowed to sell deliveries & operate. Yet, the butcher meat industry was shut down entirely overnight without much notice or warning. 

Butcheries could have stayed open to help the less fortunate with 


assive regulations that’d help stop the spread, here is what the

NZ Outdoors Party Otaki Electorate

come up with during a conference with many involved.

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