Why you can and should support REAL independent news

Why you can and should support REAL independent news

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thisquality for a while now has been attempting to create mainstream competition with independently owned stories, striving to better the news industry in New Zealand and bringing back quality journalism that was once a thing.

Stories that we at thisquality focus on are of top-notch quality with research-backed revisions occurring before the public eye can see the final publication, which is ensuring a story is legitimate and backed.

If you do believe as a reader that news should be free, you’re in the right tracks as thisquality will in-hopes never have to allow payment for a story or special stories. From opinion to politics, to community news, voices are backed and communities are listened to; so change can be made.

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One of the examples of being a better competition than the mainstream media, that has had a huge impact on ignoring environmental issues, is the reporting of what 1080 poison really does where local newspapers and the mainstream refuse to create a discussion about alternatives, to eradicating aerial poison drops.

We aim to be professional at all times when it comes to touchy or controversial stories that arise around New Zealand with an eye-focused reporting style to secure the most significant moments in proper journalism — which has vanished in recent times.

As support becomes available, thisquality is always continually changing to make reading quality stories better and more of a luxury than most rushed publishing.

Supporting thisquality by donating can ensure all future stories have a backing which allows the team to travel abroad and cover the most intriguing and devastating approaches to the environment and other civil matters around New Zealand.

When you donate as a reader, we give you ‘thanks’ to keep going amidst our largest competition; who have no powerful alliance with the people to make a change. By doing so, you are allowing us to improve our services for the better, introducing new features and producing more stories.

So, consider donating to keep REAL independent owned stories going.


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