Winston Peters opposes ‘high heat’ from angry protestors

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NZ First leader Winston Peters, also the Deputy Prime Minister for New Zealand, opposed ‘high heat’ from angry protestors on Saturday that happened to follow him around Christchurch for questioning.

The protestors approached Peters and were asking about the COVID-19 Public Health Response act, but the question of concern was completely ignored.

“Do you have the right to take other peoples rights,” said a protestor.

Peters said, “can you explain what you mean?” — completely bypassing the question of concern. Furthermore, the protestor responds by stating the obvious, that she is talking about the COVID-19 Public Health Response act.

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Another angry protestor went rouge for a second opportunity asking Peters the same question, but the response was just a laugh. 

M. D. RANGI, who was filming the interesting conversation responded.

“You’re laughing at our bill of rights mate. I don’t like that. That’s quite defamatory isn’t it, I’m offended by you taking away our rights.”

“What do you mean defamatory?” said Peters.

Cross the Rubicon, who is a conspiracy YouTuber with a following of 14,800 subscribers, said to Peters that he ‘will not be re-elected’.

“Where are you from sunshine?” said Peters in response to Cross the Rubicon.

Cross the Rubicon is originally from the U.K and is not a New Zealand born citizen.

A protestor says that it’s been a long time since New Zealanders stood up for their rights, following another protestor comment about the freedom association, Peters responds with ‘oh shut-up’. Comments from other protestors also mentioned how people cannot go to funerals during the COVID-19 lockdowns.

As Peters smiles, the protestors and the cameraman M. D. RANGI inquire about Peters not answering questions of concern.

“You have always got a smile on your face,” said a rouge protestor.

“He’s always telling people to shut up instead of answering our bloody questions,” said M. D. RANGI.

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Other concerns from the protestors and cameraman were about the NZ First Back Your Future tour, travelling across the country, even alleging he’s come from Auckland to Christchurch under lockdown.


However, as thisquality understands, the tour was cut short due to the recent Auckland COVID-19 lockdown.

The tour was stopped in Levin on Agust 11 after a Palmerston North event the day before and continued on September 2 in Wellington City.

The tour resumption consisted of catching the Ferry to Picton, to Nelson and then touring down the West Coast of the South Island, then to Christchurch after previously attending the New Brighton seaside market in Arthur’s Pass.

The unruly and un-needed comment from Winston Peters was calling the protestor group ‘clowns’ while getting a mug shot with a group.

Peters stops to talk to a young teen girl, the teen was talking about the NZ First Carbon Bill, furthermore saying what the goals and targets are for the NZ First campaign for the elections.

“Well if you get elected, you better keep doing that,” said the young teen girl.

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Cameraman M. D. RANGI asks Peters if he is happy taking away ‘our freedoms’ as in New Zealander’s freedoms under the COVID-19 Public Health Response act.

“Get out of the way mate before I knock you off,” said Peters.

On the consultation of the Immigration Compact, no answer was given after Peters previously signed it without people consulting first. This caused a large outrage around New Zealand that were against this.

A fraction of countries, including the United States and Australia, withdrew from the agreement because of the likely impact on the decision-making of individual countries.

It risks its own potential to restrict New Zealand’s ability to set its individual migration and foreign policy

“Why won’t you guys answer our questions,” said M. D. RANGI.

An associate of Peters responded with ‘because he doesn’t want to talk to a nutter’ – further saying M. D. RANGI should ‘look in the mirror’ for asking a question.

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