Woman dies after Vehicle catches on fire near Newlands on Wellington Motorway – video

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Police report that a woman has died following an incident that occurred underneath the Newlands bridge over-ramp on State Highway 1 in Wellington yesterday.

The woman driving crashed at around 4.50pm in the evening, shortly after the vehicle caught on fire. It is unclear how the incident occurred. No other vehicles were involved.

She’d become critically injured and was transported by Helicopter to Wellington Hospital but later died early this morning.


Source: CC/ Amy Phillips

Amy Phillips sent footage to thisquality saying that she and her girlfriend Lizzie witnessed the woman in the middle of the road who’d suffered critical burns from the fire.

“The [woman] in the middle of the highway [was] half-naked being dowsed with water by another motorist,” she said.

“Both our thoughts were directly around that person suffering from assumed burns, it’s bloody horrible.”

Image/Video: SUPPLIED/Amy Phillips

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