Woman visits Hamilton District Court after taking COVID-19 test

Woman visits Hamilton District Court after taking COVID-19 test

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A woman visited Hamilton District Court on Wednesday while awaiting COVID-19 test results. The woman who entered the Court is a worker at a managed isolation facility.

It was not known during the early stages of why the Court allowed the woman to enter or knew if she had symptoms of COVID-19, knowing that she is a managed isolation worker.

The Court was in lockdown shortly before 10 am after the woman entered the building with COVID-19 symptoms rather than staying at home self-isolating.

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There were around 40 – 50 people that are reportedly stuck inside the building. Around 30 people were also outside, while many others left. The Court was reportedly not letting anyone in or out but has since lifted its lockdown at around 11:20 am.

People who were inside were told that they can go home because they are casual contacts meaning they do not have to do mandatory quarantine at home.

It is believed the woman entered the court during the morning, between 8 am and 10 am.

The Ministry of Justice released further information when it become available.


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