World’s first ‘5G powered’ Tattoo – video

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The first-ever remote tattoo has become a reality. It is called the ‘impossible tattoo’ by T-Mobile Netherlands. A fresh glimpse at new possibilities will offer and enable the future to prosper.

With a low-latency of T-Mobile’s 5G network, it allowed for someone to be tattooed remotely in real-time over a wireless 5G connection.

Artists from the creative agency Anomaly Amsterdam had to work out how to track the movements and detect when there was contact with the surface of a fake practise arm. It then transmits data over the network to communicate which results in the control of the robot’s movements.


A deep understanding is what made the process work within the fine details of tattooing. It was not previously possible but had become a reality added that there is no delay within the network allows for millimetre accuracy regardless of distance.

Next-gen wireless technology has surpassed its limits for a while now but still is undergoing phases of simplicity before the public can fully experience the power, with rollouts around the globe starting to ramp up.

The Mill’s Experience team, led by Noel Drew spent several months researching and developing cutting edge technology.

“Our team both built the custom robot tattoo arm needed for this groundbreaking feat and also created the film that captured it,” themill wrote in a statement.

“Dutch tattoo artist Wes, was deeply involved in the research and development of the remote tattooing technology, ensuring a multitude of factors were taken into account when replicating the intricate art of tattooing.”

“After countless tests on an army of heroic vegetables and prosthetic skin samples, it was Dutch actress and TV personality Stijn Fransen who successfully received the world’s first 5G tattoo.”

Image: SUPPLIED/themill

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