Yes, Antonio’s Pizza is open for deliveries during alert level 3 lockdown

Yes, Antonio’s Pizza is open for deliveries during alert level 3 lockdown

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Are you hungry for a luxury Pizza tonight?

Support your local shops by ordering by calling their numbers to keep it local and keep New Zealand businesses running throughout the Coronavirus level 3 lockdown.

Antonio’s Pizza originally was going to open pre-lockdown in hopes of starting up their new Pizza venture in Otaki.

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On March 9th, they’d announced on their Facebook page that they’re setting up & preparing to launch their new store. The store is at a location not too far away from Subway Otaki; the last store at Antonio’s place was previously called Traffic. The new Pizza store in Otaki is right next to the train station, a Tab Bar & Subway. Perfect for the late evening workers arriving on Wellington’s train to Otaki.

“Otaki, it’s our shout this Thursday!”

“We’re passionate about delivering a Bellissimo experience for every single person who chooses to dine and spend time at Antonio’s. To do that, we need to know that our little pizzeria can live up to the high standard we set for ourselves! Our intention is to take the time to tweak and improve our offering to you continuously.”

A day later, they invited some members of the community to trial the Pizza taste before it was about to open.

“So, before we are officially open to the public, we’re inviting you to eat Pizza… for FREE! All you have to do is be aware that this will week will be our first public service so that we can test a few things.”

The catch for the invitation was to get the hype going & allow 15 people to try their style by commenting and liking the page.

Before the lockdown someone commented on the page asking when Antonio’s would be opening officially, Antonio’s replied

“Unless there are more restrictions put in place, we will be cooking you pizzas next week. We’ll put up a post very soon, letting you know. Not long now …”

Unfortunately, the Pizza store never opened to the public officially due to COVID-19 (Coronavirus). In essence, the government announced that every business had to close down their stores for a month under COVID-19 Alert Level 4 lockdown to stop the spread of the virus and break the chain.

But the best news; on Tuesday, right after lockdown level four was dropped to three- Antonio’s announced that they’ve got a lockdown menu in store for everyone!

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“Got a level 3 hunger ??? Because we’re now OPEN!”

“Simple steps: Phone us with your order, we’ll take your credit card payment over the phone, come and collect your pizza at the back door but there are Pizzas only for now. We’ll be adding pasta and dessert to our takeaway offerings as soon as we can” said Antonio’s in a statement.

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