Yoghurt COVID-19 Vaccine trials trigger immune response in animals

Yoghurt COVID-19 Vaccine trials trigger immune response in animals

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Yoghurt COVID-19 Vaccines are being developed. Yes, we just said that. A team of scientists from St Petersburg in Russia are reportedly trying out an alternative to Vaccine jabs.

Production would speed up immunising millions of people and leave them with a somewhat pleasant taste in their mouths for those who do not want to roll their sleeve up.

Russia’s Institute of Experimental Medicines is trialling the new type to form an immune response administered by a dairy product.


Lab animals have successfully developed and triggered an immune response. When they were demonstrated, it showed a ‘very good’ response that detected specific antibodies in both the mucosal tissues and bloodstreams.

How it works is It is administered orally and stimulated with recognition of immunity in mucosal tissues, producing certain T-cells that can attack and kill a coronavirus-infected cell. However, efficacy against the actual virus has yet to be tested or proven.

Risks associated with trials that involve exposure to the active pathogen can only be undertaken at specific facilities that can take the job on. Currently, the facilities are at maximum capacity with other types of Vaccines being produced, such as Pfizer, J&J and AstraZeneca.

Experts on the subject have put a total cost of production and bringing the formula to patients to around 220 million rubles ($4.1 million NZD).

When the chance does come along, yoghurt Vaccines will be put to the test to see if they protect from COVID-19. If successful, they will be completed within a year from now.


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