‘Your motto is kindness Jacinda’ protester speaks about Suicide numbers

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WATCH: Anti-lockdown protestor and singer Jennifer Mortimer speaks out to the Government if she had the chance to be able to speak to the ‘higher-ups’ in person.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has been scarce on releasing suicide numbers for New Zealand to the public during the COVID-19 lockdowns, and Jennifer is concerned that the numbers as she thinks ‘are a lot higher’ than COVID-19 deaths, but this is unproven as thisquality understands.

Jennifer was questioned if she were to be able to speak to the higher-ups herself in person, what would she say to them and would it be respectful.

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“It would be respectful. I’m a Christian, I believe in showing respect to everyone,” said Jennifer Mortimer.

“I would just like to say that your motto is kindness, Jacinda but I don’t call they way you are treating the people of New Zealand, kind. With all of the suicide rates, we would have lost more people to suicide than to COVID by-far. It’s funny how you are not actually letting those amounts our of how many we have lost to suicide.”

On August 21, the Ministry of Health addresses to media that the Suicide Prevention Office is calling for an end to speculation about suicide numbers.

With the release of the annual suicide statistics by the Chief Coroner, Director of the Suicide Prevention Office, Carla na Nagara is asking that this also ends the harmful speculation about suicide numbers.

“Inaccurate, speculative and distressing information about the relationship between suicide risk and the COVID-19 response is unhelpful and has the potential to cause significant harm.  While the COVID-19 response may have significant, long term effects on people’s lives, an increase in suicides is not inevitable,” said Carla na Nagara.

“There have been speculative comments on a wide range of platforms on media and social media of suicide numbers over recent months. This is distressing for families and communities, can be triggering for vulnerable people and further stretches the people who are working hard to provide support.  We need to make sure that we are dealing with only the facts and remember that the Chief Coroner is the sole authority on real-time data for suspected suicides.”

Carla reminds anyone seeking the information and statistics that behind every one of these suicide numbers is a person, and they have families.

“Importantly, a number of online mental health and wellbeing supports can be accessed data free through the Sponsored Data partnership between the Ministry of Health and mobile network operators Spark, Vodafone and 2degrees.  This enables people to access essential COVID-19 information, health information and resources, and eligible online health services for free,” said Ms na Nagara.

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