Yung Dallyy launches his new music career with new song No Love

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Dallas Harrison-Connell, also is known as Yung Dallyy is a brand new music sensation; he is currently based in the City of Christchurch in New Zealand and is originally from the Kapiti Coast. He aims and hopes to recreate the underground SoundCloud rap scene, and he believes it's because they dropped the normalised structure of music that everyone was listening to from the 2014 – 2018 era.

Yung Dallyy has released a new music video on Saturday, the video called “No Love” filmed and directed by 24klleyton for 24kmedia is about a girl that Yung Dallyy and her were very close to each other with a bond like no other. Yung Dallyy had said he dedicated his time so much towards her but failed and realised he wasn't worth her time after a breakup due to lack of connection she had with him.

“We talked every day and stayed up late nights talking, sharing a tight connection with one another. I fell for her. We stopped talking because she found interest in another guy and sort of threw me to the curb. I've experienced this and similar things my growing up.”

Yung Dallyy had recognised he was mostly alone on his life mission to growing up in the big scary world we all live in. He believes ‘it's okay not to be okay' and believes everything happens for a reason resorting to the relationship with the girl he fell for stating ‘we weren't meant to be.'

“I still love that girl, but I'm moving on with my life. Things are going well for me. I'm getting my first performance in Wellington during September. It's been a crazy six months. I had no music gear in February, and now I have got a home studio. A solid loyal fan base, a great network of people, and now a music video.”


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Now that his music video has released and is gaining traction, his aim and goals are to get people knowing and understanding who he is with a personality that beats the average reality of life in New Zealand for taking what's granted. His goal is connecting with his fans, talking about relatable topics such as heartbreak and rejection. Things everyone can relate too.

What is the origin of the name and history behind the name Yung Dallyy?
“While Hanging with friends skateboarding, listening to Rap music, we would often joke to each other, giving other rap names. Gradually after a few weeks of passing names around, my friends came up with a name Yung Dallyy. My real name is Dallas, and I've always been called Dallyy by close friends I've met through sports and college. A friend of mine combined Yung with Dallyy, and Yung Dallyy was made. I stuck with it! I guess you could say I earned the name for participating in freestyle rap sessions while going through a skating and loitering phase. After a few freestyle rap sessions, all my friends were calling me Yung Dallyy. It wasn't Dallas anymore.”

Can you describe your life growing up?
“I grew up on a farm in a small town north of Wellington called Otaki on the Kapiti Coast. Growing up, I was sent to my grandmother at a young age. I always had a lot of good friends throughout my school years, and all of their parents were always extremely influential, gave me a lot of confidence, making me believe in my self and now follow what I love doing. I was expelled from High School in year eleven for fighting and drug abuse. This caused me to get kicked out of my grandmother's house. Essentially, this made me grow up and realise my wrongs. I moved away from my home town to Palmerston North. I was couch surfing from house to house, attending different alternative education courses trying to find my self. I was hustling in my spare time, hanging out with my mates. We would dedicate at least an hour a night for freestyle rapping, and I'd always be motivated by everyone else's flows. It is what made me good at music, having like-minded people around me, rapping about being rich someday. Just dreaming. I always found motivation from my pairs; everyone believed in me.”

To get to know what you're really interested in, related to music (or any hobby), what is the best music genre or theme you enjoy the most? And what do you enjoy the most about making your own music? Is it just you making the music, or do you have a team that works with you? Does it excite you to make more?
“People Like XXXTENTACION, Carti, Pouya, Fat Nick, Smokepurpp, Wifisfuneral, Lil pump. There's just something else about that Soundcloud era that I still love to this day, that being Hook, verse, hook, verse, Hook, and just started making their style of just rapping bars. I find most of my beats online and purchase leases for them, and I am too busy working full time to produce my own beats. It is just me recording the songs, and I am always by myself doing it, not very tech-savvy, so I send my songs away to a fellow rapper @hyvnglvrd, to mix and master my music. He's great. Honestly, the feedback and the reviews I got back from my first song Broken Love Ft. Hyvng Lvrd were crazy. People I know in person were sending really positive messages. I think everyone was a bit shocked.”

Yung Dallyy enjoys making music because it relieves pressure off him, from going out to parties and getting drunk. ‘It keeps me level headed' – making more music excites him to be very creative.

“I've got people that are ready to hear more. I think it's all positive feedback, and it's definitely inspiring for me, my friends and, my followers.”

What is your most favorite music instrument (or many), and why? What's the message you are trying to bring with your songs or album in terms of the specific instruments used etc? Are all of your songs about your real feelings and actual things that happened in your life or are some of them just made up? If some of them are just made up, how do you get inspiration for those songs? Who are the people you're wanting to focus the most on in terms of reaching out to them with your music?
“I like digital instruments, drum pads, guitar samples, and anything really used to make beats. I like the way that a guitar sounds on a trap beat at the start; it's really mellow and, of course, chill – then out of nowhere, it gets hectic with all the bass, snares, and Bells. I like a combination as that's really what I like, those instruments are really nice, and once composed into a beat, they're really easy for me to vibe with. The message I'm trying to send through my music or just, in general, is like it's okay not to be okay – everybody has bad days, goes through breakups, has disbelief in themselves. You know, our teens and young adults go through a lot these days and don't speak up. I go through a lot too. I just address it. My music is all real life and no gimmicks. I'm not out here lying or acting tough. Saying I'm going to do/say things I'm not doing. A lot of it comes from heartbreak, my past addictions to drugs and alcohol. I guess I just want to be a voice. A voice that young people going through things can be related.

Unlike every artist, what sets you out to be different, and what is your goal and height you want to reach with your music? Is your music a piece of art? Would you go as far as playing in a club, as a DJ or at festivals and why is that the reason?
“I think what sets me apart from these people is my personality, and I think that plays a big part in my music and how I portray myself. Also, my morals on how I was raised. I know how to treat people right and to not just have people around me when it's only beneficial to me—at the same time, keeping those types of people away from me. I want to be a rockstar; I want to be trending, you know someone that makes it big. My music is not only a form of art to me, but it's a form of self-expression and a way to release how I'm feeling and people vibe to it. I would go as far as I need to promote myself. I know this is a business, so I have to treat it like one. Promoting my music, however, I can. I'll do it. I'd really love doing festivals and being on stage, and that's a dream of mine I hold close. That's what I'm generally going for. Being on stage in front of hundreds of people would feel amazing, and I'd think to myself, “I've made it” – Having fans packing out a venue just to see it happen live, singing lyrics back. Recording it. Just being in that position would be amazing. I want it In front of hundreds of people – also what sets me apart, is how I can go from singing songs, to aggressive, agile rap music. I'm diverse, and people will see that soon.”

Source: Instagram - Messages sent to Yung Dallyy

What are the three key rules you follow when creating a new song?
“I write my own songs, be authentic talk about real things, maintain a tight flow that's appealing to the majority of listeners, rehearse, rehearse, rehearse. It's okay to be unhappy with the way a sentence is structured and mess around with it to create a better outcome. When I record songs, I re-record every Hook, rather than copy and pasting. I record everything once, and even if it's the same verse that gets repeated, I re-record it, it's called no metronome. I record my songs on some no metronome, so it all sounds different, but you have to be playing close attention to hear it.

Yung Dallyy on celebrities he looks up to was a tough choice. ‘That's a tough one for me to answer, and they're all very influential in their own way.'
“I'd say Pouya would have to be the most influential rapper to me. He's not signed to a label. And he's been independent since day one, and he's made it in the industry.” Dally says that people like Pouya tend to admire his work the most. The audience he's trying to focus the most on is the mid-teens and older, aiming to have a diverse fanbase.

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