Yung Dallyy releases new Pinkwrld EP, all tracks reach over 1k streams

Yung Dallyy releases new Pinkwrld EP, all tracks reach over 1k streams

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Artist Yung Dally released his new EP named Pinkwrld on January 22, and within two days all of the new tracks have passed over 1,000 streams on all platforms. Impressive!

Five tracks were released, a total of 13 minutes play-time to turn up the full volume while at a party or on road trips.

The titles released are: In The Kitchen (HYVNG LVRD), What It Do?, Pink Glock $, Chalk (HYVNG LVRD) and Pinkteardrops.

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In an Instagram post, Dally wrote: “Thank you so much to everyone that’s been streaming Pinkwrld.”

“It’s kinda weird. Usually at 7 am I’d still be awake drinking at some house party or getting faded [as f*k], but I’m just up reflecting on my progress as an artist over the past year.”

“I literally wrote out so many goals, and I’ve achieved all the ones that were seemingly impossible at the time.”

Dally starred in his own music video called No Love that hit over 1,500 views on YouTube to set up his music career for the future to come.

“[It is] getting a music video, performing live, getting out there and meeting artists within the community and networking [and] building genuine partnerships with people, and mostly getting over the fear of being judged,” Dally wrote.

“All I gotta say is be you, don’t let anyone stop you from being you, and have fun with it🙏🏼.”

For the future to come Dally plans to continue releasing new hits for his followers to listen too. He also plans to get verified on Instagram for the hard work in hopes it will give him authenticity for the empire he’s built so far sharing with friends on social media.

Image: SUPPLIED/Instagram

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