Yung Dallyy teases ahead of Pinkwrld EP with short snippet of new song

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Dallas Harrison-Connell also known as Yung Dallyy, is set to release a new EP called ‘Pinkwrld’ on January 22.

On an Instagram post, he teased a short snippet of a new song ahead of the Prinkwrld EP release. It has been in the works for the last five months in hopes that when release day comes, many will stream it.

In a previous article where Dally teased other new songs on Instagram Live, he was questioned, and he mentioned his music taste.

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“Two of the songs are tied into a sad music style as that’s the music I prefer to make,” Dally said.

“My new EP PINKwrld is not only an EP; it is a great way for me to show my diversity as an artist.”

thisquality does not know the name of the song played in the snippet. Lyrics say: ‘make it rain,’ or ‘rainy days’ indicating either could be a title. The song is not in the EP, however.

Pinkwrld is set to release on January 22 this year on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music and other streaming sites like Soundcloud.


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