New Conservative wants logic ‘shown’ about abortion laws

New Conservative wants logic ‘shown’ about abortion laws

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New Conservatives have stated that a shearer who was given a 16-month sentence this week for killing a lamb with shears is unjustified when it comes to ‘killing’ a human baby under abortion laws.

The political group say that a fully formed human baby can be killed without pain relief because the New Zealand Government passed a law allowing it — “what’s more, the perpetrator will be paid for doing so. Note that the abortion of calves is already prohibited, another contradiction.”

Leader of New Conservative Leighton Baker says there is no way he condones the senseless beating of a lamb any more than a barbaric stabbing of a seal.

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“Surely others must be able to see the lack of logic in endorsing and funding the inhumane killing of a human while incarcerating someone for killing an animal?” said Leighton Baker, Leader New Conservative.

“Locking someone up for killing a lamb seems a totally disproportionate sentence since we seem to be in agreement that imprisonment is for those who pose a threat to society. The cost to the shearer and his family, not to mention the taxpayer for full-time care, is not justified by the death of one lamb.”

The group further said no one was held to account when 29 people died in the 2010 Pike River Mine incident. 

“Toddlers are being abused and killed in New Zealand, and no one is held to account; the CTV collapse claimed multiple lives, yet no-one was held to account,” concluded Leighton Baker, Leader New Conservative.


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