Conspiracy Theorist Vinny Eastwood banned from YouTube

Conspiracy Theorist Vinny Eastwood banned from YouTube

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Conspiracy Theorist Vinny Eastwood announced on Sunday that he was banned from YouTube. The ban is a week-long where he can not use the functions to livestream and upload content.

His ban consists of spreading misinformation about Vaccines including spurring information to his followers that COVID-19 is not real by calling the Pandemic a ‘scamdemic’.

A show Mr Eastwood runs called ‘Bad News’ stars another Conspiracy Theorist, Billy Te Kahika, who claimed that there would be a lockdown on January 15 — it never happened.

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The two through their show conspire that the Government has ‘plans’ to vaccinate everyone when in fact the Vaccines are not mandatory. Extensive campaigns, however, are being pushed to get vaccinated and to prevent COVID-19 from spreading, for when the Vaccine Vials arrive in New Zealand for distribution.

Mr Eastwood called the ban ‘extremely depressing’ after his fourteen years of failed Journalism comes to a halt amidst spreading misinformation about a worldwide Pandemic.

“It’s extremely depressing and just sucks the life right out of me when my livelihood gets taken.”

He plans to continue livestreaming his show on an alternative YouTube account where he will continue to spread misinformation by misleading his viewers once again.

thisquality was called a non-credible news organisation where Mr Eastwood spread baseless claims that it was paid for by the Government.

CEO Sam Hudson called him on February 10 to ask questions about a $4,700 Sony camera that was loaned to him by an investor following $200,000 business loan fraud ‘housing development’ project with Mr Kahika.


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