Fact Check: Billy Te Kahika’s misinformation about Kaeo Office statement – video

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Fact Checking Conspiracy Theorist Billy Te Kahika — misinformation about a recent Kaeo Office statement.

In a Kaeo Office video statement from Kaiarataki o Te Wakameninga o nga Hapu o NgaPuhi Taumata hapu, Bryce Smith, Mr Kahika claims he was ‘banned’ from Waitangi. This claim is entirely false.

Bryce Smith specifically said that a meeting was held at the Copthorne, because on that specific day, higher-ups of Ngāpuhi did not welcome Mr Kahika to the Te Tii Waitangi Marae in order to hold a hui with Kaeo Office.

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In the video statement, Bryce Smith says: “I know you have been told that you are not allowed at [Te Tii] Waitangi Marae. That is why the hui was held at the Copthorne across the road.”

“If I can begin the relationship with [Mr Kahika], it came about when he was invited to the Kaeo office to discuss his intentions in regards to taking He Whakaputanga me te Tiriti to Parliament with his political party. He attended a hui in Kaeo, and we sent him a very clear message that he was not to do that anymore.”

“On the afternoon before that, the day had ended, [Mr Kahika] put up a live stream advocating that he had gotten the consent from the Kaeo office to represent Ngāpuhi in regards to He Whakaputanga me te Tiriti. I just want to put the record straight right here, and now, the Kaeo office did not do that [neither did Bryce Smith].”

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