NZ Fire gives an update about Lake Ohau Fires

NZ Fire gives an update about Lake Ohau Fires

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NZ Fire crews have so far made good progress today on the Lake Ohau fires. 

91% of the fire perimeter has been controlled to 50m, with no hotspots. 9% of the perimeter is controlled to 10m, with no hotspots.

Two Fire NZ crews will be at the scene overnight to monitor the fires. Drones will be flying over the area tonight to map any hotspots.

Tomorrow morning Fire NZ crews will be returning to the fire ground and continue to secure the fire perimeter and identify any potential hazards and manage any specific hot spots that may arise.

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The Waitaki District Council will further progress with assessments of critical infrastructure, water supply, sewerage and roads. 

A further update will be given to media tomorrow morning at 9 am.

Image: Gary Kircher – Mayor for Waitaki

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