Kapiti reminded about National Earthquake ShakeOut drill

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Tomorrow (October 15) is New Zealand’s National Earthquake ShakeOut drill day, starting at 9:30 am.

Remember to: STOP. DROP. COVER. HOLD.

Kapiti is being reminded by the local council about making sure people are prepared.

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Kāpiti Coast District Council Emergency Controller James Jefferson says that during the lockdown, many people looked after each other and made sure the more vulnerable members of the community were OK.

“After the year we’ve been through people would be forgiven for thinking that nothing else major could happen but New Zealand is always at risk of earthquakes and our coastline at risk of a tsunami.”

“But the effects of a natural disaster could be quite different to a pandemic and cause a different type of challenge. For example, road closure or power failures so we also need to make sure we can look after ourselves and our whanau.”

Mr Jefferson says that having a home plan for storing seven days of household supplies are the basics or being ready.

“Please take the time to think about and agree your plan should the worst happen, be prepared,” concluded Mr Jefferson.

For more information visit the govt website: https://shakeout.govt.nz

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