The best rated Acupuncture in Wellington

The best rated Acupuncture in Wellington

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Acute Acupuncture in the Wellington region has been valued as one of the best rated for its services provided.

The business is located at 163 The Terrace in Wellington Central just off from the fourth Urban Motorway exit point coming into the city Southbound.

Sidestreet parking is available. Alternatively, people living nearby within walking or biking distance are a few minutes away from treatment with ease.


Source: CC/ Sam Hudson

Director and Acupuncturist, Nate Wafstet, provides a range of services from Acupuncture, medical massage, cupping, herbs and auriculotherapy.

Certified with a significant reputation in the industry has allowed the business and Nate to give an opportunity for those sceptical about trying it out for the first time.

“It is my fourth year running my business on The Terrace, and between forty to fifty-five patients come in per week,” he said.

Source: CC/ Sam Hudson

Patients come in for treatment of chronic conditions, injuries related to RSI (repetitive strain injury), sports or any other type of injury that is covered by ACC.

Others use the service to remedy depression, mental health or pressure from stress. Also, to become more body aware and have empowerment.

The response from people undertaking the treatments has shown they are happy with the service’s outcome as being the highest-rated Acupuncturist in the Wellington region.

Source: CC/ Sam Hudson

The United States government gave Nate over $70,000 to go back to school, and he decided that Acupuncture was one of the best choices to pursue.

After completing his time in the U.S military he got the funding; moving to New Zealand shortly after.

He started the study while doing professional development during the year 2013.


Source: CC/ Sam Hudson

He originally wanted to study Acupuncture because he’d served for five years in the military.

It prompted him as a lot of his friends were affected by post-traumatic stress such as anxiety or depression while serving.

“The funding tertiary education providers received was for me going back to school,” he said.

“It was worth it because there was nothing like being able to help other people and facilitate change within the community.”

Source: CC/ Sam Hudson

Nate says the business helps patients with what they need to feel a change in their bodies and ensure they know how to keep on track from plateauing — assisting them to facilitate their health goals.

“I want to facilitate change covered in empowerment and want people also to take a proactive approach into what they need to do in between treatments. Acute Acupuncture unlocks the bodies power to heal itself,” he said.


“It is like they improve, and then they slide back. It’s about getting them to identify a new structure where they put positive tension to where they want to be or where they want to go instead of oscillating back and forth.”

“I am truly grateful with where I am at and blessed with having the ability to improve the quality of people’s lives by adding value and reducing pain.”

“Our success is when we are no longer needed.”

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Image: CC/ Sam Hudson

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